Unveiling Shadows: Threats of Illegal Mining in Tambopata

Threats to Tambopata Reserve

Tambopata Reserve, as important as it is, is in danger. Illegal mining in Tambopata is the biggest threat to the untouch nature and protected wildlife in the area.  Illegal mining is threatening the integrity of the reserve. This activity is not just a local issue. It has global environmental repercussions. In particular because of the […]

Gastronomic Wonders: The Best Local Eats in Tambopata

local eats in Tambopata

On Peru’s culinary landscape, the Amazon takes a special place. Discover the best local eats in Tambopata, hidden gems for food lovers. Experience flavors you’ve never imagined. Tambopata offers a unique blend of ingredients. These native foods tell the story of the region’s rich culture and biodiversity. Every dish is an adventure. Local eats in […]

A Birder’s Paradise: Navigating the Tambopata Aguajales

Tambopata aguajales

Welcome to the Tambopata’s diverse ecosystem range. A haven for bird enthusiasts. Tambopata Aguajales stands as a beacon of biodiversity. Here, every flutter and chirp tells a story. Embarking on this journey offers more than just birdwatching. It’s an adventure into the pristine, untouched wilderness. You’ll encounter species rarely seen by the outside world. This […]

Adventure Awaits: Thrilling Activities in Santa Teresa Lake

Tambopata lake

Nestled in the heart of Tambopata, Santa Teresa Lake is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Beyond its serene waters, lies a world teeming with hidden gems. This blog post will unveil these secrets, promising an adventure like no other. From secluded spots to rare wildlife, This Lake holds surprises at every turn. This post […]

Colors of the Wild: The Most Vibrant Animals in Tambopata

animals in Tambopata

The Tambopata reserve is the home to hundreds of species. Some animals in Tambopata are stunning. Visiting this region is a feast for the eyes. Discover the most vibrant animals calling this place home. From iridescent birds to vividly colored amphibians. Tambopata’s palette is astonishingly diverse. In this blog, we’ll spotlight creatures that dazzle and […]

Unveiling the Mysteries of Tambopata: A Night Tour Adventure

night tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the dark part of the Amazon. A night tour in Tambopata are an immersive adventure. Discover the nocturnal wonders hidden in the darkness. Tambopata’s lush jungles come alive at night with sounds and sights unseen during the day. This blog post will guide you through the magic. Prepare to […]

River Giants: The Mighty Caimans of Tambopata

Paradise Yakari

Dive into the heart of Tambopata, a realm where nature’s raw beauty unfolds. Here, the mighty caimans of Tambopata rule the waters. These river giants captivate anyone who dares to explore their domain. Embarking on this journey offers more than just an adventure. It’s a rare glimpse into the lives of these powerful predators. Each […]

Behind the Scenes: The Science of Macaw Clay Licks

macaw clay licks

Macaw clay licks are nature’s stunning spectacle. They are a view to behold. Hundreds of colorful birds together on a clay wall. Scientists delve deep into their secrets. Why do macaws flock here in vibrant droves? The answer lies in the clay. This clay is not ordinary. It’s a crucial part of the macaws’ diet. […]

How Many Days You Need to Fully Experience Tambopata

experience Tambopata

Maybe a matter of time and budget, but in the ideal scenario. How many days do you need to fully experience Tambopata? This Amazonian paradise promises an unforgettable adventure. How long should your visit be to truly capture its essence? Maybe 3 days, maybe 4. The truth is that for everybody it is different. But […]

Conservation Efforts in Tambopata: Protecting its Gradiour

Amazon rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is a paradise of biodiversity. So, you can imagine, the conservation efforts in Tambopata are huge. Scientists and activists work tirelessly. Their efforts aim to understand the Amazon’s complex ecosystems. This knowledge serves as a base for making conservation strategies based on evidence. Tambopata serves as  a reserve for some of the […]

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