And after an early breakfast, we use our boat to cross the Madre de Dios river and reach the Control and entrance to Lake Sandoval, Natural Protected Area by the State, within the Tambopata National Reserve , where we began a walk of about hour and a half to reach the vicinity of one of the most beautiful stretches of the Amazon rainforest , Lake Sandoval which shows a unique and harmonious landscape , complete with flora and fauna , in addition to a host of species endangered species such as the giant river otter or wolf , which with a little luck can be seen nearby .
During this visit we will use a small boat , which will help us to explore the lake , where it is possible to see birds , some types of fish, turtles, etc.

There is also the possibility to swim for a moment on the lake.
In the evening after enjoying our lunch we will walk through the vastness of the jungle, visited areas where the size of the trees, for the greatness we impress these out in the middle of the Amazon jungle.






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