Collpa Chuncho 2D/1N

Collpa Chuncho 2D/1N

Dive deep into the essence of Tambopata in a condensed yet captivating adventure with our Collpa Chuncho 2D/1N tour. Recognized as one of Tambopata’s prime attractions, Collpa Chuncho is an invitation to witness nature in one of its most raw and resplendent displays.

Your journey unfolds over two days, but the memories etched will be timeless. As the dawn breaks and the first rays of sun caress the canopy, the serene ambiance of the rainforest is momentarily overshadowed by a symphony of calls and vibrant colors. At Collpa Chuncho, hundreds of parrots and macaws come together in a harmonious gathering, their vibrant plumage painting the skies with myriad hues.

This daily ritual, an instinctual rendezvous, sees these birds partaking in the mineral-rich clays of the Chuncho Collpa, a spectacle that’s as mesmerizing as it is vital for their diet.

But the allure of the Collpa Chuncho 2D/1N journey doesn’t end there. Beyond this avian spectacle, the rainforest opens its doors to a world of wonders. From the intricate tapestry of flora to the mesmerizing sounds and sights of nocturnal life, every moment becomes a treasure trove of discoveries.

With Collpa Chuncho 2D/1N, you’re not just observing nature; you’re living it. And while the expedition may be brief, the connection you form with the heart of Tambopata is eternal. Join us, and let the magic of Collpa Chuncho redefine your essence of wonder.

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