Collpa Chuncho 4D/3N

Collpa Chuncho 4D/3N

Venture into the heart of Tambopata and embrace the enchantment of the Collpa Chuncho 4D/3N expedition. As one of Tambopata’s most iconic destinations, the Chuncho Collpa is more than just a journey; it’s a sublime communion with nature, an intimate dance of vibrant colors and harmonious melodies.

For four immersive days, let the rhythm of the rainforest be your guide as you traverse the verdant trails, listening to the whispers of the Amazon and feeling its pulse. The real magic, however, unfurls at dawn. As the first light of the day gently illuminates the landscape, the Chuncho Collpa becomes the stage for one of nature’s most breathtaking performances.

Here, hundreds of birds, each with its unique call and hue, congregate in a mesmerizing display of life and sound. Their purpose? The mineral-rich clay of the Chuncho Collpa, vital to their well-being and a feast to their palette.

But the allure of Collpa Chuncho 4D/3N isn’t just this daily avian spectacle. It’s the profound connection one feels to this ancient, thriving ecosystem and the mosaic of experiences it offers.

From the serenity of nocturnal river rides, seeking elusive nocturnal creatures, to the thrill of spotting a jaguar basking under the morning sun, every moment is steeped in wonder.

Join us on the Collpa Chuncho 4D/3N adventure and let the treasures of Tambopata redefine your understanding of beauty, awe, and the timeless dance of nature.

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