Night Jungle

Night Jungle

Venture into the mystical and enigmatic world of the Night Jungle in the Amazon of Tambopata with Bio Manu Expeditions. As the sun sets and the canopy falls into a hushed silence, the Night Jungle awakens, revealing an entirely different and mesmerizing dimension of the Amazon.

During this unique tour, you’ll explore the incredible flora and fauna of the Peruvian nocturnal jungle. The Night Jungle is home to creatures that are seldom seen during the day, each adapted to the challenges of life after dark. From the elusive jaguar to the curious night monkeys, the jungle’s nocturnal residents are fascinating to observe.

But it’s not just the animals that come to life; the very forest seems to awaken. Guided by our experienced naturalists, you’ll discover bioluminescent fungi, nocturnal flowers blooming under the moonlight, and the sounds of creatures that create a symphony only heard when the world is bathed in darkness.

The Night Jungle tour offers an unprecedented chance to see the Amazon from a perspective that few get to experience. With the sky sparkling with stars and the jungle alive with activity, you’ll feel a connection to nature that is both profound and thrilling.

Join us as we explore Tambopata and Manu, venturing into the heart of the Night Jungle. Feel the thrill of the unknown, the joy of discovery, and the awe of the Amazon’s never-ending wonders.

Experience a part of the jungle that remains a mystery to many, but offers unparalleled insight into the complexity and beauty of one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems.

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