Paradise – Chuncho 5D/4N

Paradise – Chuncho 5D/4N

Set forth on a journey that melds the vibrant pulse of the jungle with the serene ebb of rivers in our Paradise – Chuncho 5D/4N tour. This immersive experience welcomes travelers into the very heart of the Amazon, revealing the secrets and wonders of both land and water.

Begin your adventure with a warm reception at the nexus of two mighty rivers, Madre de Dios and Tambopata, offering a hint of the expansive vistas and diverse ecosystems you will explore. The ECO LODGE PARADISE serves as your haven, balancing rustic charm with comfort, as the vast expanse of the Amazon stretches before you.

Embrace the thrill of kayaking on the glistening waters of the Madre de Dios, or find joy in an intimate encounter with a playful troupe of monkeys on an island sanctuary. As night falls, embark on a journey to witness alligators basking by the riverbanks, their eyes a shimmering beacon in the moonlit darkness.

Lake Sandoval offers another chapter of enchantment. Whether you’re delving into its depths, observing its avian denizens, or simply bathing in its soothing waters, it’s a spectacle of nature’s artistry. But the magic doesn’t end there. A meeting with a native family offers a precious insight into age-old customs and traditions, bridging the past and the present. Test your skills with rustic fishing, seeking the elusive piranha amongst others.

The journey crescendos with a visit to the heart of the Tambopata National Reserve. Here, nature unveils its grand theater, from a mesmerizing show of parrots and macaws to the elusive jaguar’s prowl.

Every day promises a blend of adventure, relaxation, and profound learning. With our expert guides leading the way, Paradise – Chuncho 5D/4N ensures memories that will last a lifetime, painting your heart with the hues of the Amazon. Join us, and be a part of this unforgettable symphony of nature.

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