Parrots Clay Lick

Parrots Clay Lick

Dawn in Tambopata is not only heralded by the gentle sun creeping over the horizon but also by the vibrant symphony of parrots converging at the Parrots Clay Lick. Often considered one of nature’s most mesmerizing spectacles, the Collpa de Loros or Parrots Clay Lick, offers a chance to witness the Amazon’s avian wonders in all their glory.

Situated deep within the heart of Tambopata, the Parrots Clay Lick is a sanctuary for these vivid feathered creatures. During the early hours, as mists still veil the rainforest, flocks of parrots, each more colorful than the next, descend upon this special clay wall. Their collective chorus fills the air, creating an auditory experience as captivating as the visual.

But why do these birds frequent this spot so religiously? The clay of Collpa de Loros plays a crucial role in their diet, offering essential minerals and aiding in detoxifying seeds they consume. This natural behavior provides not only a glimpse into the intricate ecological relationships of the Amazon but also presents an unparalleled opportunity for birdwatching and photography.

Join us for the Parrots Clay Lick tour and immerse yourself in this ornithological ballet. Witnessing these birds in their natural habitat, amid the untouched beauty of Tambopata, is an experience that resonates deeply, offering both wonder and understanding of the rich tapestry of Amazonian life.

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